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Windows - The Ultimate Collection

The first thing to understand about The Ultimate Collection is that its products are unlike any other window in terms of their basic construction technology.

Before The Ultimate Collection, if you happened to live in a beautifully renovated country cottage, you'd probably have had to accept the same frame style as someone who lived in a stylish, ultra-modern town house.

That's because most ordinary frames are manufactured with square, straight-edged profiles. They all tend to look very similar. So, too many homes have had to settle for 'me too' windows that lack any kind of real personality.

What The Ultimate Collection has done is to take PVCu, an innovative frame material that can look and feel as warm and full of character as wood, and shape it into a range of unique, individual styles.

The Ultimate Collection offers you a whole palette of sculptured and chamfered profiles, a complete spectrum capable of complementing, enhancing or transforming everyone's dream for every style of home.

We've already mentioned that The Ultimate Collection features PVCu and how we craft it to give all the warmth, character and flexibility of a natural wood.

But what is even more vital than the ways in which our PVCu is similar to wood, are the ways in which it can actually perform better than wood.

Wood rots and decays. It also splinters. It gets damp. It needs painting. It needs year-after-year care and maintenance. Gaps appear. Wooden frames need replacing.

The Ultimate Collection PVCu won't rot. Or fade or need painting. Or ever need any care apart from a wipe with a damp cloth.

It will stay looking as good as the day it was installed.

On top of all this, there's the actual glazing technology.

All our low emissivity (LOW 'E') sealed window units, use glass complying with the new Document L of the Building Regulations.

This is part of a government initiative to cut heat loss from buildings, ensuring that your home heating system functions at maximum efficiency and therefore reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Our LOW 'E' double glazed units, with a full 20mm airspace between panes are environmentally friendly, will cut your fuel bills down to size and significantly reduce external noise.