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The Ultimate Security

The priorities are changing. We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Today we have to concentrate more than ever on bringing security features into our products.

The Ultimate collection has been refined and designed to protect you and your home as effectively as possible.

Every security innovation is built into every unit in The Ultimate Collection.

The locking technology at the heart of every window incorporates features such as espagnolette shoot bolts with a minimum of 8 locking points.

Doors feature both hook and dead-bolt locking with one inch penetration into high security stainless steel keeps.

The prevention of accidents is also a priority. Residential and French doors now incorporate a low threshold to ease access for all ages. Fire escape hinges are optional extras, as are restrictor hinges, designed to keep young children safe and secure. And toughened safety glass is the standard specification on all doors.

Within the context of security and peace of mind, it's worth mentioning the pedigree behind the ultimate collection.

These are products you and your family can rely on absolutely.

The manufacturing technology behind these innovations has been in place for over 25 years. That's clearly important in a business in which there are so many here-today, gone-tomorrow type of companies operating.

Tough on Criminals!