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Doors - The Definitive Collection

The Heritage Collection

FILM AND LEAD, RESIN AND OPAQUE DESIGNS Design classics with a modern twist via the addition of a specialist coloured film or a computer generated resin application process. Several screen printed designs compliment and complete the UK crafted range.

The Classic Collection

PLAIN GLAZED, DIAMOND LEAD AND GEORGIAN BAR DESIGNS Design classics, clean, simple designs enhanced with the subtle use of a choice of decorative backing glass options, lead work or georgian bar.

The Crystal Collection

EXCLUSIVE CLEAR AND COLOURED CRYSTAL DESIGNS Our stunning crystal creations combine deep cut clear bevels, intricate backing textures and if required, a splash of dynamic colour. In addition to exuding brilliance, crystal glass designs will dramatically reduce sound transmission and will protect your internal decoration from the fading effects of UV light.

The Fused Collection

UNIQUE HAND MADE ART GLASS DESIGNS Each fused design is skilfully handmade created by fusing together different colours of molten glass. The effect is a unique soft edged design that brings the glass colour and door panel to life with vivid, bold and contemporary styles.

The Colour Collection